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    20 Things Everyone With A Lot Of Cousins Will Understand

    If your parents have a lot of siblings with a lot of kids you will get these.

    1. When a cousin gets engaged we ALL get engaged

    2. When one family gets a dog we ALL get a dog

    3. When you see a Cousin's ex

    4. After a long vacation when everyone has to go separate ways

    5. When your aunt or uncle says its time for your cousins to leave

    6. When someone says they only have 1-2 cousins

    7. When one cousin is finally old enough to drink with the rest of you

    8. The youngest cousin trying to impress the older cousins

    9. When you see on instagram that some of your cousins are hanging out without you

    10. When you go to a family reunion and your parents expect you to hang out with distant cousins

    11. When everyone at family dinners outfit's on point

    12. When someone is mean to your cousin

    13. When poeple say it's weird you hang with your cousins so much

    14. When one cousin tastes success you all taste success

    15. When you try to take a cute family photo

    16. When a younger cousin tries to be smart with your grandparents

    17. When a family friendly game suddenly gets real

    18. When a new baby is introduced into the scene

    19. When your parents start to tell an embarassing story in front of your cousins

    20. Every Holiday when you're reunited with all of your cousins