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    Top 5 Country Songs That Make You Want To Kick Up Your Boots

    The top 5 country music songs for Line Dancing

    1. Boot Scootin’ Boogie- (1990) Brooks & Dunn

    2. Achy Breaky Heart- (1992) Billy Ray Cyrus

    3. “Watermelon Crawl”- (1994) Tracy Byrd

    4. Footloose- (2011) Blake Shelton

    5. Country Girl Shake- (2011) Luke Bryan

    I hope the above information and given tutorials has encouraged you to at least try one line dance. After you get the steps down for one line dance, it makes the others so much easier to pick up. Many line dancing steps are repetitive in other songs but in different orders and at different speeds. So what are you waiting for, get to boot scootin'.