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Five Ways To Let Out Your Inner Merbae

What's there not to like about mermaids? They have beautiful hair, amazing sense of style and no fear of depths! Here's ten ways to make a splash with your everyday style.

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1. Tentacle Hair Pieces

Ever wanted to add a hint of colour to your hairstyle without the repercussions of permanent hair dye? Well here's your new mer-friendly solution: Tentacle hair pieces! Aren't they cute? Just clip it on and go gallivanting in the night with your new sea friend.

2. Tentacle Fake Gauge Earrings

Stretched ears are still quite popular, and although you may feel the temptation of going down sizes, fake gauge earrings offer the same look without the pain and time! These bright tentacle earrings have a normal earring pin sandwiched in between, so discrete, that everyone will think you're wearing plugs! You can find these on Killer Tentacle Octopus.

3. Scale Nails

We're not all incredibly talented nail artists, and when we want that mermaid swag on our hands, stick ons are the next best thing! Grab a pair of pre-painted and stylized stick on nails to bring out your inner mermaid!

5. Mermaid Phone Cases

And if all those accessories weren't enough to reflect your inner-mer, these iridescent mermaid phone cases are the perfect piece de resistance. They shimmer in the light, just like a real tail would underneath the reflections of the water.

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