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    "The White Lotus" Season Finale Featured One Of The Most Infuriating Moments Of TV History, And Let's Talk About It Please

    My jaw; the floor.

    🚨Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead for The White Lotus Episode 6!🚨

    People are buzzing about the many surprising (and not-so-surprising) twists and turns in the shocking finale of The White Lotus.

    A large box labeled human remains is placed into an airplane's cargo hold by two employees

    None of those twists hurt harder than the one that came at the end of the knife wielded by a-hole extraordinaire Shane Patton.

    Shane holds a large knife and shrugs, in front of dining table

    Armond was in the midst of some serious sh*t-stirring in Shane's room, the Pineapple Suite (finally!), when his party was fatally interrupted.

    Unfortunately, he and Shane got into the world's worst game of cat and mouse ever.

    And it ends with Shane plunging the knife directly into Armond's chest. This was the only time Shane ever apologized to the man he'd been haranguing his entire trip.

    Armond looks down at the knife Shane is stabbing into him, Shane looks at Armond's face, split with an image of Armond and Shane recognizing each other as Shane stabs him

    Welp, Armond was pretty much the best (albeit quite flawed), and fans of the show are heartbroken over his untimely end — and have some feelings about his last night.

    I'm def not over it, and neither are these folks on Twitter.

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    I love Armond so much 😭 #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @beebo9


    TFW u realize it’s armond .#whitelotus

    Twitter: @amazingtv4me


    "Armond's last dinner service" will go down as such a masterful piece of television #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @rachgrub


    Is it bad that I wanted Armond to get away with 💩🧳 #whitelotus

    Twitter: @ohhaybtay


    Every person who has ever worked customer service felt Armond’s last day spiral in their soul #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @_samepaige_


    Twitter: @DixPeyton


    Twitter: @sorgansf


    And the fact that my good guy Armond didn’t get any dick on his last bender is so fucked up 😭😭😭 #whitelotus #GAYRIGHTS

    Twitter: @veganalbondigas


    Poor Armand. This job wasn't worth your sobriety or your life. #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @VixenByNight72


    Finished the white lotus series finale and it angers me even more that Armand got killed by the dude who got him fired lmao

    Twitter: @Donte_Calabrese


    Everyone waking up rn with Armand on their mind #TheWhiteLotus

    Twitter: @noonesphere


    The White Lotus needs to return. We all want and need it. I believe Armand survived that wound, too.

    Twitter: @the_fake_danny


    Twitter: @rhondamo


    Armond in The White Lotus is one of the best TV characters in recent memory.

    Twitter: @WuTang4evah


    Armond (Murray Bartlett) is like the Omar Little of THE WHITE LOTUS. He exists on the periphery, cutting through the narrative like a formative force where he sees fit. He pops on the screen. You sit up when he enters a scene. He steals this show. There’s an Emmy nomination here.

    Twitter: @nelsoncarvajal

    Watch and rewatch the brilliant little series The White Lotus, streaming on HBO Max! What did you think of Armond's last night? Let us know in the comments!