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    The "Schitt's Creek" Rosebud Motel Is Currently On Sale For $1.5 Million

    Stevie not included.

    If you've got $2 million CAD burning a hole in your pocket, the Rosebud Motel from Schitt's Creek can be yours!

    Pop TV / Via, Colliers International / Via

    Conveniently located just over an hour outside Toronto, it's basically a steal.

    Pop TV / Via

    The real-life hotel is actually called the Hockley Motel — which doesn't have quite the same ring. / Via

    Also, you should note that the purchase of the hotel doesn't include the Rosebud Motel signage (because that was a prop for the show).

    schitt's creek cast outside of the rosebud motel
    Pop TV

    Stevie might not be there to not deliver your towels...

    Pop TV / Via

    ...but you get 10 guest-friendly rooms on 6.7 acres of lush Canadian countryside.

    David and Amish girl in field
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    Plus, it's nestled against the Nottawasaga River, where the fish are jumpin'.

    Schitt's creek town sign, man and woman suggestively in river
    Pop TV

    The motel was used for exterior shots on the show only, so the rooms inside are a mystery.


    It sounds as if the place could use a little TLC...

    Alexis and Mudd painting fence
    Pop TV

    ...but in the right hands, it's a Stevie-Johnny dream team in the making.

    Pop TV / Via

    So shake out your pocketbook, go through your couch cushions...and if you have the money, snatch up this special piece of property.

    Pop TV / Via

    Once it's COVID-safe, you can party with your family and your friends all night without worrying about the front desk calling.

    Pop TV

    So is it a deal?

    Stevie shaking hands
    Pop TV / Via

    And if the motel isn't your style, try the 12-bedroom mansion from the Roses' former fancy life.

    Let us know in the comments if you'd ever consider buying the hotel!

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