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    The "Schitt’s Creek" Megamansion Is For Sale And Could Be Yours For $15 Million

    Sadly it doesn't come with the iconic Rose family portrait.

    If you happen to have a spare $15 million, I have good news for you! The Schitt's Creek megamansion is up for sale:

    Yes, the one that the Rose family was so hastily ousted from by the government:

    While it's up for debate just where the Rose family once resided, the actual mansion where the series filmed is located in Toronto, Canada — and it's completely stunning:

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    The opulent home, which is also known as "La Belle Maison," hit the market in January after being on and off the market for several years.

    It boasts 12 bedrooms and 16 (!!!!) bathrooms, sprawled across a massive 24,000 square feet.

    Guests are welcomed into the home by a grandiose marble staircase, as seen in the series premiere, as well as stunning balustrade balconies and frescoes inspired by the Sistine Chapel:

    And when it's safe to host mass gatherings, entertain your guests in a massive, stunning formal dining room or the incredibly spacious double reception room:

    Plus this pad basically has so many amenities that you could basically take a vacation in your own home!

    Bored? Try the home theater with seating for eight or perhaps the billiard room or maybe even the a game room with a golf simulation system!

    Too cold to swim outside? No worries, just head to the sauna or the indoor pool instead!

    And don't worry, your new home is protected by a 24-hour alarm system — although that can't stop the government from seizing all your belongings...

    While the home doesn't come with the iconic Rose family portrait, I think all the other features may just make up for it.

    If you're looking to, you know, get your fix of online home browsing for the day, head to the listing on Zillow. Dan Levy would approve.

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