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    Twitter Is Wilding Out Over Bobby From "Sweet Tooth" On Netflix

    "If anything happens to Bobby I'm throwing hands."

    If you're among the legions of diehards for Sweet Tooth on Netflix, chances are you've got some feelings about a lovable, groundhog-heavy hybrid named Bobby.

    Bobby wearing a jaunty neckerchief and short-sleeved shirt poking out of the ground, between the backs of two people

    Although some folks (myself included) have a complex relationship with him, he debuted ~the~ lewk of the summer, and the majority of the world are now hardcore Bobby stans.

    Bobby in floral-shaped sunglasses, a tie-under sun hat, pants, sneakers, neckerchief, and patterned button-down shirt strutting next to Pigtail outside

    Check out Twitter going hard for Bobby below!

    🚨Warning: Some spoilers ahead for Sweet Tooth on Netflix. 🚨


    I can't wait to start dressing like Bobby from #SweetTooth this summer

    Twitter: @danielmonahan63


    #SweetTooth this is the feel good, heart warming, fantasy show I needed. I'll adopt Bobby 😭💖

    Twitter: @WinterHalo2


    I started crying the second I saw Bobby #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @tinyyypearson


    If anything happens to Bobby I’m throwing hands #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @Larry_McNally


    I cried when Bobby got captured in #SweetTooth I swear if anything happens to him

    Twitter: @Krystalmethod_


    When Bobby said “scared” oh that hurt😭 #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @KaraLynColvin


    Twitter: @8nickels1


    They better not touch my babies! 🥺😭 #SweetTooth #BobbyHybrid

    Twitter: @lyricalarrow


    😂 Why do I care so much about a little beaver boy #BobbyHybrid

    Twitter: @BrentonOsborne


    thinkin’ of Bobby #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @YUMlllll


    I NEED #SweetTooth #sweettoothnetflix to be renewed for a season 2, @netflix This was the right amount of beautiful, sad, sweet and daunting, and I *NEED* more Bobby 🦦. He's the most precious little cutie. Such a hit, I'm in love.

    Twitter: @gabipascholati


    Started unintentionally watching @SweetTooth on @netflix and watched the whole season in one day. Best show I’ve watched in 2021. Would die for Bobby. Gimme a season 2! #BobbyHybrid

    Twitter: @BasicallyKris


    Imagine thinking I am going to be okay anytime soon ... 🥺😭🧢 #SweetTooth #BobbyHybrid

    Twitter: @lyricalarrow


    When I saw the trailer of #SweetTooth I was like “yeah nah”, but then Gav started watching it here and now I’m worrying about Bobby

    Twitter: @spindaman


    Must protect Bobby at all costs #BobbyHybrid #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @KmuseChu


    @SweetTooth is like one of THE best shows around. All I wanna know is, where can I buy a Bobby? #SweetTooth #Netflix #BobbyHybrid

    Twitter: @myllzzz1


    ¡Qué cosa tan más bonita es #SweetTooth! Corran a verla ♥️ Enamórense como yo de #BobbyHybrid

    Twitter: @MonseNavedo


    The babies are safe though Little Bobby is so precious #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @KonstantKommo


    Please understand that, right now, I really only care about Bobby from #sweettooth

    Twitter: @iamdover


    I don’t care what happens to anyone in #SweetTooth as long as my precious Bobby baby is safe. 😭😭😭😭

    Twitter: @amskeez47


    Me when any1 harms a Hybrid. I'm straight slinging fuckin boulders if any1 harms Bobby #SweetTooth #Netflix

    Twitter: @DylClarke


    If anyone kills Bobby I’m rioting #SweetTooth

    Twitter: @stressedcheetah


    Twitter: @SheilaMisfit


    Ok, in the show #SweetTooth they did justice for the character Bobby cause in the comic he is HORRIFYING

    Twitter: @AlphaWolf916


    Sweet Tooth is one of the sweetest, saddest and cutest shows I've ever seen. I could not recommend it enough. Bobby below in itself is enough to watch alone, along with 100 other things. This character melted me heart. #sweettoothnetflix #SweetTooth #SweetToothWatchParty

    Twitter: @sutho12

    What are your feelings about this heart-stealing groundhog? Let us know in the comments!