People Are Sharing "Red Flags" For Roommates And A LOT Of Them Are Way Too Familiar

    "Congratulations! Now you're his mom."

    Ah, roomies. If you've lived through your twenties, chances are you've had to deal with a few. They don't all tend to be...perfect.

    And sometimes you see it coming! We can all get wise thanks to Reddit user u/ShallowTits, who polled the internet: "What are 'red flags' for roommates?"

    Here are some of the top answers (think I've lived with a few of these folks myself...).

    1. "In their ad, they say they are 'no drama.'"

    2. "Mom moves him in while he watches."

    "Mom sets his room up while he stares into his phone. Mom shops grocery and cooks it for him while he complains he's hungry. Mom fills the fridge with pre-cooked meals while he eats. Mom cleans up everything and leaves. Congratulations! Now you're his mom."


    3. "Drinking habits are a big one."

    Party girl shouting with arms upraised, in front of a group of guys in shadows in the background

    4. "If friends of your potential roommate come to you and ask if you've really thought this through, and mention that maybe you don't know this person as well as you think you do."

    "Listen to those people." 


    5. "If they don't have the same cleanliness standards as you, things will get a little rough."

    6. "If all of their previous roommates were crazy/inexplicably hated them/forced them to move out/sociopaths/assholes/Satan worshippers, that's a HUGE red flag."

    "Similar to a romantic partner." 


    7. "If you live with a friends, expect every one of their flaws to go up by a multiple of at least 5X."

    An arm flopping off a couch, over a bunch of empty beer bottles and caps on the floor

    8. "If someone decides the best way to communicate is via passive aggressive Post-It notes placed strategically about the apartment."

    "You should consider finding a new place."


    9. "When they bring their dates back to your room without telling you in advance."

    10. "Ask if they own any non-stick cookware. Ask to see it."

    "If it's not all scratched to hell, it's probably safe to leave yours in the kitchen for shared use. Otherwise, if it has a single scratch in it or if they don't own any, yours needs to stay under lock and key."


    11. "Adult children. They're easy to spot and must be avoided."

    A young boy outside in a yard with eyes shut and mouth open crying, tears on his cheeks

    12. "Differing political beliefs."

    "I'm not talking, 'Oh, I disagree; let's have a slightly heated debate.' Those roommates are cool. The one's I'm talking about are the, 'If you don't agree with me, you want another Holocaust,' people."


    13. "Did they move in with a barbell and 45 plates, but the whole house is hardwood floors, and they live on the second floor?"

    Floor shot of barbell and weights on the floor, showing a man's legs and arms as he leans over to pick it up

    14. "Draws a line across the room. 'This is my space, and that is your space.'"


    15. "If they answer questions with questions, don't want to talk about themselves, or are intent on controlling the conversation, these people are just trouble."

    "I'd avoid them. They're the type who, when you ask them if they would mind turning their music off earlier or using headphones or turning it down after a certain time, will reply with, 'Why are you so demanding? How come we have to do it your way?' They take any request for change on their part and spin it into you being unreasonable. Avoid."


    16. "If their smell enters the room before they do and sticks around after they leave."


    17. "Kind of too late to call, but if there's a fight on move-in day, the whole thing is going to be a fight."

    Two women shouting with arms grabbing each other's shoulders, fighting

    18. "Doesn't have a job and isn't looking for one."

    "This is based on my personal experience."


    19. "My cat would piss on this one couple's clothing every time they left their clothes on the floor."

    A stripey cat wearing glasses

    20. "Zero sense of humor."

    — u/tjpj1919

    21. "People who are coming from mom and dad's house for the first time."

    "You just never know what they're used to having other people do for them."

    — u/smeg_m4h

    22. "'I like to party occasionally; hope that doesn't bother you...'"

    23. "Literal flags would be one for me."


    24. "While talking to you looks at their ringing phone and says, 'I'm going to ignore that; it's just a collections agency.'"

    As someone who's had more roommates than I can count, I think my biggest red flag was a living room full of clutter when I checked out the place...there was no room for me there except in my tiny bedroom. Bah!

    Read the whole red-flag Reddit thread here. Do you have roommate signs you wish you noticed sooner? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.