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    Garbage Collectors Are Sharing Things People Do That They Hate And We Should All Take Notes

    "Loose needles."

    The people who deal with our trash are unsung heroes of society, keeping the world tidy for not a lot of praise or appreciation.

    Redditor u/motordemon gave them the mic and asked, "Garbage collectors of Reddit, what do people do with their trash that frustrates you the most?"

    1. "Liquids."

    2. "Cat litter."

    3. "Needles."


    4. "Bleach."

    5. "Rainwater."

    6. "Rotting fish."

    7. "Impatient drivers."

    8. "Loose diapers."

    9. "Loose/unbagged poop."

    10. "Household garbage."

    11. " the recycling?!"

    12. "Chemicals/hazardous waste."

    13. "No bags."

    14. "Untied bags."

    15. "Bricks."

    16. "Trash outside the trash can."

    17. "Overflowing dumpsters."

    18. "Wrong materials in the wrong container."

    19. "Yard waste!!!"

    20. "Remodeling type stuff."

    21. "Printer toners."

    Now I know to pour out my half-finished coffee so that it doesn't end up on a garbage collector! Do you have any trash nightmares to share? Add 'em in the comments!

    Note: Some answers have been edited for length/clarity.