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    Posted on Dec 30, 2013

    11 Rooftop Bars For The Perfect Midnight Rendezvous Abroad

    A midnight rendezvous atop a rooftop bar overlooking some of the most breathtaking Asian skylines? YES, PLEASE! Who doesn't love having a cocktail in hand and a beautiful view! Check out these gorgeous rooftop bars for your next night out abroad in these Asian countries.

    1. 1-Altitude; Singapore, Singapore

    This 3 level bar and restaurant is noted to be the world's highest al fresco rooftop bar to date! This classy and chic bar will give you the best 360 view of the Singapore skyline.

    Vibe: Sophisticated romantic, clubbing/party atmosphere, smart casual

    FYI: Every Wednesday becomes LADIES NIGHT! This mean free cover charge and a drink on the house for all the ladies!

    2. Roku Nana; Tokyo, Japan

    A true hidden gem in the city of Tokyo, Roku Nana is a secret, modern rooftop bar with a futuristic vibe. If you're lucky enough to find this place, don't just come here for a romantic view of the city, come here to check out the hipster-tastic decor!

    Vibe: Inconspicuously romantic

    FYI: This place is so secret that it's almost impossible to find! No advertisements or signs will help direct you here. Thus, it's probably best to call the bar for directions.

    3. Sugar; Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

    Located atop Hong Kong's East Hotel (near Tai Koo), Sugar provides a different perspective of HK nightlife. Feast your eyes on the lovely harbor and view of East Kowloon in this calm and relaxing lounge.

    Vibe: Relaxing and chill, simplistically trendy

    FYI: Reviews suggest to head to Sugar prior to sunset to get the best experience of the view.

    4. X-Bar; Siem Reap, Cambodia

    With live rock band and DJ performances, billiards, darts, food, drinks, plus a half pipe on the roof, this bar literally screams sports bar heaven!

    Vibe: Punk rocker chic, new twist to a typical sports bar

    FYI: Don't forget your skateboard if you wanna try that rooftop half pipe!!

    5. Migas; Beijing, China

    The new "IT" spot for all twenty-something-year-olds in Beijing. Although slightly pricey, this trendy rooftop bar pumps up a funky and retro feel to dance the night away!

    Vibe: Hipster chic, futuristic yet retro

    FYI: Spanish inspired restaurant and lounge. Known for its soul, house, funk, and disco spins!

    6. Red Sky Bistro & Bar; Bangkok, Thailand

    Taking over the 55th floor of Centara Grand Hotel, this bistro and bar is known for its delicious meals and wide selection of the world's finest wines.

    Vibe: Urban chic, dinner-and-drinks-after kind of place

    FYI: Be sure to check out the long bar located at the edge of this rooftop bistro. Reviews say they serve some of the most unique martinis!

    7. RufXXX; Seoul, South Korea

    This two story venue is the perfect location for indie heads. The first floor is comprised of various alternative artists while the second deck is a stand-only area where you'll find an amazing view of the Itaewon hills and Namsan Tower.

    Vibe: Alternative/Indie, quirky atmosphere, the real definition of hipster

    FYI: You may get wigged out by some of the unusual performers, but the view itself will definitely be worth the visit.

    8. Two Rooms; Tokyo, Japan

    Unlike Roku Nana, Two Rooms in Tokyo is not a secret. Enjoy cocktails and a view of Tokyo from 11:30am-2am every Monday thru Saturday!

    Vibe: Calm, relaxing, Sunday brunch atmosphere

    FYI: They serve many unique in-house cocktails such as vodka oyster shots! Vodka and oysters? I'm not sure how I feel about that either! LOL.

    9. Sevva; Central, Hong Kong

    Sevva is a fine dine restaurant with exquisite decor catering to the theme of each various rooms they have to offer. With an impeccable view of the neon lights HK has to offer, the terrace at Sevva is a must see.

    Vibe: Fun, eccentric, and exquisite

    FYI: Don't forget to also check out the Taste Bar for some scrumptious looking appetizers and the unique desserts of Ms. B's Cakery.

    10. Flair; Shanghai, China

    This double-decker lounge is no joke. Equipped with a killer view of the Pearl Tower and Shanghai city, Flair is applauded for its expensive and luxurious style.

    Vibe: Rustic, reminiscent feel of having brunch on the Upper East Side

    FYI: Be ready to shell out some bills. The prices are quite high, but experts say you'll definitely want a glass of champagne in your hand to experience this lovely outlook.

    11. Ku Dé Ta; Singapore, Singapore

    If you're looking for another view of Singapore with perhaps a less club-bey, but more elegant and romantic atmosphere, then check out Ku Dé Ta. Located in the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, this rooftop bar and lounge is every couples dream of sophistication and romance.

    Vibe: Just plain and simple romantic

    FYI: Various events are held throughout the year with a wide variety of DJs. Sundays include DJ entertainment, dance grooves, and barbecues.

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