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1-Minute History | Jun 24

If I warn you that I will rape you, that is legal.Click the pictures to watch the Jun 24 Birthday Blog with @CassAnaya and @TylerAnaya.

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2011 - The New York legislature legalizes gay marriage. One year later, New York is a gay jihad post apocalyptic hellscape… no just kidding, nothing happened. Turns out just a bunch of people now have more civil rights, that’s it.

*Now everyone in New York must be gay-married.

*Abortions for everyone

*Hole opened up which led straight to hell

*Rain now comprised of Angel’s tears

*Anti-Christ alive and well in Buffalo

1925 - Aimee Stemple McPherson claimed she had been kidnapped by a group called the avengers, and threatened that she would be sold into quote "white slavery" despite looking healthy, no stress, and her clothes completely clean. In reality she took a 5 week vacation.

*Pioneer of modern Evangelism and media manipulation.

*Used public-faith healing.

*Revitalization of American Christianity in the 20th century

*Extensive charity work

*Despicable liar

1935 - the most beautiful train in history, the royal blue, goes into service between Washington and New York.

*Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O)'s flagship passenger train between New York City and Washington, D.C.

*“An inspired blend of majesty and mystique” –Herbert Harwood

*The car interiors were paneled in mahogany.

*Had fully enclosed vestibules (instead of open platforms, still widely in use at the time on U.S. railroads).

*Then-modern heating and lighting, and leaded glass windows.

*Painted in Royal Blue with gold leaf trim.

1979 Mindy Kaling – Mindy Kaling played the celebrity gossip obssessed flibbertygibbit Kelly Kapoor in The Office and now has her own show The Mindy Project.

*Super cute and hilarious Indian chick.

*Wrote, executive produced and directed many episodes of, The Office.

*BA in Playwriting from Dartmouth.

1942 - during World War II 25 nations formed the United Nations. binding them to uphold the Atlantic charter and make no separate peace with any axis power.

*This was the basis for what later formed the United Nations, to defeat “Hitlerism”.

1992 - Manufacturers of cigarettes lost a case before the supreme court today, arguing that they cannot claim protection from damages simply because they have a health warning on their box.

* Cipollone v. Liggett Group, Inc.


*Gained full majority support 16 years later in Altria Group v. Good.

*ultimately, they committed fraud by failing to act on their knowledge of the harms of smoking.

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