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1-Minute History | July 15

Adam Savage is one of the best humans alive.Click the pictures to watch the Jul 15 Birthday Blog with @CassAnaya and @TylerAnaya.

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1987 - Taiwan ended thirty-seven years of martial law, thanks, in part, to this guy, new President Chiang Ching-Kuo. Civilians were no longer tried in military courts, censorship lessened, amnesty for political prisoners, and new political parties could be formed.

*Taiwan had been ruled by one party, the Kuomintang (“KMT”), since becoming apart of China.

*Human Rights abuses and a petty authoritarian regime led to democratic reform under President Chiang Ching-Kuo.

*Since then, Taiwan became an economic powerhouse in the region.

*China and Taiwan still remain as one nation with two separate states and an uneasy claim from China as its sole governor.

1922 - The duck-billed platypus arrived in America. It was exhibited at the Bronx Zoo in New York City.

*Ornithorhynchus Anatinus

*Only other mammal that lays eggs is the Echidna

*Beak of a duck, fur of a rabbit, 4-webbed feet? Crazy go nuts!

*Scientist’s first thought it must be fake

*Sophisticated beak is soft and rubbery and able to detect electromagnetic charges

*Contains a type of cloaca, called a monotreme, a combo asshole/vagina

*secretes milk through skin glands, not a nipple

1946 - Linda Ronstadt is one those singers with the ultra-rare, crazy set of pipes, that can make any song sound amazing.

*Just One Look

*Lies/Tell Him

*It’s So Easy

*You’re No Good

*How Do Make You

*Heat wave

*Blue Bayou

1961 – Forest Whitaker, has played a dictator, a samurai, a Vietnam vet, and Michael Caine thinks he has the best Cockney accent he has ever heard from a foreigner.

*The Color of Money

*Directed Hope Floats


*The Crying Game

*Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

*Battlefield Earth

*Won the Oscar for The Last King of Scotland

1967 and one in my list of ‘top 10 Modern Amazing Humans’ is Adam Savage. Host of Mythbusters, this master special effects and props creator for films like Star Wars and the Matrix Reloaded, has reinvigorated an interest in the Scientific Method. We as humans are better people because of him.


*Master Builder

*Stand-Up Comedian?




*Tremendously Curious

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