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What The Hell Does Harry Styles' Instagram Mean?

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1. An Introduction

View this video on YouTube / Via

it's no secret that most people, even bandmate Louis Tomlinson depicted here, are often confused by what Harry says or what he means. / Via

most notably, however, is an indication that Harry is using his instagram as hints of his possibility of coming out to the public-which would not be surprising considering his latest opinion on dating preferences.

The idea is that harry, among these photos specifically, has mentioned things like notable Coldplay lyrics such as "It was all yellow." & "no such green." which has led many to believe that Harry's coming out process is currently on hold, as this is the last moment he has given any indication to the traffic light theory.

3. Does Harry know we know he knows we know (what???) / Via

Some people dispute that Harry wouldn't possibly have any idea about the fandom speculating his shenanigans. However, another theory known as The Bandana Project stems the idea that each member of One Direction falls under a color:

Harry: Green

Zayn: Yellow

Liam: Red

Louis: Blue

Niall: White

There's a more detailed idea of this theory here, but the gist is that this project started before Harry started wearing a blue bandana ALL THE TIME, which would lead people to believe he knows what the fandom is talking about.

5. Larry Stylinson

If true, it's quite possibly the saddest (but greatest???) love story of all time. From what I've gathered there's probably too many instances to count, but if you really want montages of Louis and Harry supposedly 'together', youtube is chock full of stuff.

6. Tattoo Theory / Via

Very recently it has surfaced that Louis acquired a dagger tattoo, supposedly to compliment Harry's rose tattoo. This isn't the first occurrence of complimentary tattoos. If you guys know anything about tattoos they are PERMANENTLY on your body FOREVER. This theory I can see believing the most, as the others could be purely coincidence.

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