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What Foods Are People Totally Eating The Wrong Way?

We know you have some weird food tricks up your sleeve.

Sometimes eating is hard.

But, if you love food more than anything else in this world, you probably have a few weird tricks up your sleeve that make you say "You're eating it wrong" to the food ~basics~ around you.

Because although most people eat wings in multiple bites, there are those who eat them the ~correct~ way, in one bite:

And although most people open Doritos bags from the top, others know that opening it from the bottom means you get all the small, flavorful crunchies first:

And although most people eat donuts with the icing facing up, others know that eating the donut with the icing facing down means your tastebuds get to the icing first:

Basically, we could all be better at eating food, so we want to know what tips you have for everyone who's eating food the wrong way. Let us know your weird tricks in the comment section below!