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    24 Facts Only West Coasters Who Moved To The East Coast Understand


    1. You've had to say goodbye to your go-to grocery stores and get used to Wegmans.

    2. Although you still don't get why everyone is so obsessed with Wawa.

    3. ...and Dunkin Donuts...the donuts and coffee are...fine?

    4. Everyone you know owns a Longchamp bag...everyone.

    5. You've had to get used to guys wearing pastel-colored shirts and shorts 24/7.

    6. And you've asked yourself on multiple occasions why there are freakin' nautical creatures on everything.

    7. The avocados just aren't nearly as good as the ones you know and love.

    8. Which means the Mexican food just doesn't compare with the glorious food you grew up with.

    9. It took you a hot second to realize that Hardee's is actually just Carl's Jr.

    10. You constantly have to defend In-n-Out because East Coasters don't seem to understand just how good it is.

    11. You've definitely lost the feeling in your hands and arms when you've had to carry 50 pounds of food on the walk or subway ride home.

    12. Speaking of the subway... You had to learn how to become a master of public transportation.

    13. There is so much walking going on...specifically jaywalking.

    14. You've heard stories of people hanging out in their parents' basement while growing up, and you're like, "Who even has basements?"

    15. People wear boat shoes all of the time, and you often find yourself screaming, "BUT WE'RE NOT EVEN ON A BOAT."

    16. And then you wonder how many pairs of black leggings the average woman owns.

    17. You've admitted defeat and know that the pizza just really is better on the East Coast.

    18. And that the bagels are pretty good, too.

    19. You love all of the happy hours and cheap drinks...

    20. ...but you wish Two Buck Chuck was actually two bucks.

    21. You know what it's like to be in a bad mood when it's dark and freezing because the sun has decided to set ridiculously early at 4 p.m.

    22. And you still don't know what to wear during the winter.

    23. Basically, people complain about the weather all of the time. Like, they're never happy except for that one perfect day in fall.

    24. But, honestly, you get it. Because that one perfect day is worth all of that East Coast nonsense.