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    Updated on Nov 28, 2019. Posted on Mar 6, 2016

    23 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Trader Joe’s Parking Lots

    "My car insurance doesn't cover Trader Joe's parking lot."

    1. This makes sense:

    Paul R. Gilmartin / Via Twitter: @mentalpod

    2. Total sense:

    Mister Panama / Via Twitter: @micahpanama

    3. Mine, not yours, mine:

    GeekyLyndsay / Via Twitter: @GeekyLyndsay

    4. Only natural disasters can defeat the parking lot:

    Maya Daehne / Via Twitter: @mayadaehne

    5. The chill is not here:

    Lauren Mineau / Via Twitter: @LaurenMineau

    6. Someone send help:

    Daniella Monet / Via Twitter: @DaniellaMonet

    7. So, this is how it happens:

    Molly McGlynn / Via Twitter: @therealmollymcg

    8. Not scratching your car is basically a miracle:

    Laurie Kilmartin / Via Twitter: @anylaurie16

    9. But true:

    Britta Lundin / Via Twitter: @brittashipsit

    10. Devil:

    Cornell Reid / Via Twitter: @CornellReid

    11. This lot has seen blood:

    MJ Katz / Via Twitter: @mjkatz_

    12. We all deserve this:

    jacey gonzalez / Via Twitter: @jaceeeeey

    13. Dream big or go home:

    Dan Levy / Via Twitter: @danlevy

    14. Like, dream real big:

    Susannah / Via Twitter: @sussybuckets

    15. Accurate report:

    Nick Klaus / Via Twitter: @nick_klaus

    16. No one has time to be nice:

    Charlotte Thornton / Via Twitter: @CG_Thornton

    17. Just, why:

    Rachel Whitehurst / Via Twitter: @RachLWhitehurst

    18. A real question:

    geeequinn / Via Twitter: @geeequinn

    19. This is actual hell:

    Lily Williams / Via Twitter: @lwbean

    20. Guess we're not getting food today:

    Sarah Lancaster / Via Twitter: @SarahMLancaster

    21. I need a drink:

    The Next Martha / Via Twitter: @TheNextMartha

    22. It's basically a crime scene:

    La Sera // Katy / Via Twitter: @iamkatygoodman

    23. And, finally, the reason we're all to blame for the parking lot:

    Sean Johnson / Via Twitter: @sjohn25

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