23 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Trader Joe’s Parking Lots

    "My car insurance doesn't cover Trader Joe's parking lot."

    1. This makes sense:

    2. Total sense:

    3. Mine, not yours, mine:

    4. Only natural disasters can defeat the parking lot:

    5. The chill is not here:

    6. Someone send help:

    7. So, this is how it happens:

    8. Not scratching your car is basically a miracle:

    9. But true:

    10. Devil:

    11. This lot has seen blood:

    12. We all deserve this:

    13. Dream big or go home:

    14. Like, dream real big:

    15. Accurate report:

    16. No one has time to be nice:

    17. Just, why:

    18. A real question:

    19. This is actual hell:

    20. Guess we're not getting food today:

    21. I need a drink:

    22. It's basically a crime scene:

    23. And, finally, the reason we're all to blame for the parking lot: