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29 TV And Film Moments That Helped People Be Proud Of Their Bodies

"Because in case you haven't noticed, people come in all shapes and sizes and they're all beautiful. Put that in your magazine."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to highlight TV and film moments that have helped them love their bodies. Here are their empowering responses.

1. Glee: After Mercedes faints from extreme dieting, Quinn lets her know just how beautiful she already is.


"The one moment where I realized I loved my body was from an episode of Glee. My favorite character, Quinn, was helping her friend Mercedes who was struggling with body issues of her own. 'You are beautiful.' That was all she had to say to help me love myself." gabbyo43f949b76

2. Bob's Burgers: When Tina stops acting like a damsel in distress and realizes how great she is.


"I love at the end [of the episode] when she realizes she's her own hero and says, 'I'm a smart, strong, sensual woman.' Honestly, the character of Tina in general is so real despite being a cartoon... and she's motivational as heck." coolcoolcoolana

3. That's So Raven: When Raven designs a dress for a fashion show and walks down the runway herself after she finds out they tried to have someone skinnier wear it.

Disney / Via

"[Raven was who] I could identify with, being a fuller-sized black woman. It made me grow confident in who I was and the body I have." lokwueze

4. Eat Pray Love: When Elizabeth says a man isn't going to care how you look naked.

Plan B Entertainment

"The movie Eat Pray Love has a great scene where Elizabeth Gilbert/Julia Roberts has a conversation with a friend about weight gain... Always inspirational to me, and I use it all the time." —aloneread, email

5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: When Carmen lets her soon-to-be stepmom know that her Puerto Rican body isn't going to fit in the dress she picked out.

Alcon Entertainment / Via Netflix

"Seeing Carmen stand up for herself in that dress shop was extremely powerful to me as a young, bigger girl." Gryffmegan

6. Julie and Julia: All of the funny kitchen scenes.

Jonathan Wenk / Columbia Pictures

"As a 5'9'' girl I used to be not very self-confident because most people my age were about four to six inches shorter than me. (In fact, that will never change.) But I learned how to laugh at myself when I first saw Julie and Julia." —PQM, email

7. My Mad Fat Diary: When Rae tells her 10-year-old self she is perfect.

Channel 4 / Via

"There's a lot of moments in [My Mad Fat Diary] where Kester has to talk Rae off a ledge, but this was the most powerful speech, in my opinion. It made me rethink the next time I called myself fat or ugly." auroraa407f07b1a

8. How to Get Away With Murder: When Annalise took off her wig and makeup.


"I saw this powerful, sexy woman who stripped herself down to the bare skin and she STILL owned all that power and sexiness. I think I even screamed, 'Hell yeah!'" ajk4a8308780

9. Parks and Recreation: When Donna was unabashedly herself.


"Seeing an overweight, dark-skinned black woman loving herself and receiving positive, healthy attention from men was very inspiring." httplauren

10. Winnie the Pooh: His mantra during his morning exercises.


"After all, I am 'short, fat, and proud of that.'" —Georgia Badiali, Facebook

11. The Mindy Project: When Mindy flaunts what she's got in killer outfits.


"Seeing this curvy woman rocking awesome clothes shamelessly gave me the confidence to wear dresses again. You can wear whatever you want and look awesome; it's not about shapes, it's about CONFIDENCE." dreamymari

12. Hairspray: When Link tells Tracy that he'll love her no matter her size.

New Line Cinema / Via

"In the song 'Without Love' Link says, 'Tracy, I'm in love with you, no matter what you weigh,' and it just makes me appreciate my curves much more. It makes me hopeful that one day, all curvy girls (or boys) will find their Link." katiiehorne

13. Scrubs: When Carla walks confidently down the beach in her bikini.


"Carla from Scrubs was [a] true inspiration for me growing up. She knew her faults but wasn't afraid to flaunt her assets. The episode that most sticks in my mind is 'My Soul on Fire' [when] Carla walked up the beach to Turk so confidently in her bikini. Every time I wear a bikini now I picture myself as Carla and any insecurities fade away." —Holly Tickner, Facebook

14. Little Miss Sunshine: When Miss California lets Olive know that she, too, eats ice cream.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"When she's at the pageant and finds out that Miss [California] eats ice cream and is still gorgeous... it really helped me when I was anorexic to see something like that." blamethestars

15. Real Women Have Curves: When Ana takes off her clothes in the factory and confronts her mother.

HBO Films

"Being an overweight Hispanic girl, Real Women Have Curves really nailed some things for me. When Ana takes off her clothes in the factory, I just thought, Wow. She looks like me, and she is owning it. She didn't let her mother's comments get to her in that moment. She just went for it. And when she stands naked in the mirror in front of her boyfriend and says, 'See, this is what I look like,' I realized I needed to stop hiding myself." d4c6b60604

16. School of Rock: When Tamika doesn't want to sing because she's thinks she's too fat and Dewey tells her that it doesn't matter what you look like when you get up on that stage.

Paramount Pictures

"This scene really made me realize that I am more than a number on a scale. I can define myself however I want to, and it doesn't have to be by my weight." —Emma Compton, Facebook

17. RuPaul's Drag Race: Latrice Royal owning the runway.

Logo TV

"Seeing people like Jiggly Calente, Latrice Royale, and Jaydinn Diore Fierce on drag race made me feel so positive about being chunky yet funky. They are all absolutely beautiful queens." sophias47d91b0a5

18. Bachelorette: When Kirsten Dunst's character gives Rebel Wilson's character a confidence boost on her wedding day.

Gary Sanchez Productions / Via

"[The scene] was very empowering. Whatever anyone else feels or thinks, love yourself and be fierce." alexiap4dc89cdc6

19. The Danish Girl: When Lili tucks her penis between her legs.

Working Title Films

"[The scene] hit me really hard and made me accept my body as it is. She's still a woman even though she doesn't have a vagina, and I'm still a man with one." srslytho

20. Pulp Fiction: When Butch tells Fabienne that men probably wouldn't find a woman with a potbelly attractive and, well, Fabienne responds in the perfect way.

Miramax / Via Netflix

"She made me very proud of my belly." spacebee

21. Sex and the City: Carrie completely owning her curly hair.


"Carrie Bradshaw and her big, curly, confident hair got me to accept my curly locks when the cool thing to do was spend an hour straightening it before school every day!" alexandraj42115ba5e

22. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: When Buffy's arm hair is visible onscreen.

The WB / Via Netflix

"I've always been hairy, especially on my arms. I even used to shave them, which made everything worse. But when I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and you could see Buffy's arm hair, that helped me come to terms with it. Here's a badass slayer who's also pretty feminine, and she has arm hair just like me." —Brittney Hagan, Facebook

23. Chicago: When Queen Latifah performs "When You're Good to Mama."


"The performance wasn't a grand statement about her size, shape, color, or anything — it was sheer sexuality and power! That's the aspect of it that made me want to be in touch with my broad body, too!" kissonmylist

24. Tangled: When they sing "I've Got A Dream."

Disney / Via

"It's all about how no matter what you look like, or how scary you seem, there's always something great about you. Whether you're a great pianist or a hopeless romantic, someone's gonna love you one day. What could be more beautiful than that?" katiehorne

25. Miranda: When Miranda knew it doesn't matter what you wear as long as you're comfortable.


"She is so quirky and funny, and so herself. Watching her show always makes me smile and lifts me up when I’m being hard on myself. She is amazing." maciee

26. Pitch Perfect: When Fat Amy takes ownership of her name and her body.

Brownstone Productions

"I love how Fat Amy can rule at everything and still not give a fuck." a42e7a8e4c

27. The West Wing: Anytime C.J. handled someone talking about her height.

NBC / Via Netflix

"As a tall girl, I always felt weird about my height and tried to hide it. Then, I discovered the show The West Wing and the flawless goddess that is C.J. Cregg. She completely owned her height, and whenever anyone tried to joke about it she would laugh it off and continue to kick ass." sarahlizzie0302

28. Big Hero 6: When Baymax puts his huggability before everything else.


"This is kinda odd, but mine is Big Hero 6 — the part where Baymax says that the armor he's wearing would compromise his huggable appearance. I think of myself as huggable." Brieanna Romero

29. Nanny McPhee: When the children are shocked by Evangeline's transformation, but Mr. Brown says she's always looked that beautiful.

Universal Studios

"It's just the most simple and romantic thing ever, that this man thought she was beautiful even before the 'makeover scene.' It was so important for me to know that someone will love you no matter what you're wearing or what you look like; you'll always look your most beautiful to them because they love you." Emma Craigen

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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