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    22 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Crushing On Trader Joe’s Employees

    *picks the line with the cute Trader Joe's cashier*

    1. The crushes start out slowly:

    2. Real slow:

    3. Should I... no I shouldn't... but should I?

    4. Yes, all of the things:

    5. This line, I want this line:

    6. Asking for a friend:

    7. Can't stop, won't stop:

    8. It's a fact:

    9. Love me, please:

    10. Why me:

    11. I'm sweating:

    12. Wishful thinking:

    13. Someone get the tissues:

    14. New boyfriend:

    15. I can't control myself in here:

    16. Dreams are real:

    17. I love you, too:

    18. Missed connections:

    19. *fervently nods*:

    when the hot employee at trader joes asks if you want a sample

    20. Happy anniversary to me:

    21. My b:

    22. But really, in the end, we're all just this person:

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