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Here Are The Top 10 Viral TikToks From This Year

Kombucha girl, banana surgery, Mr. Sandman cat...the list goes on.

In the year of our Lord and Savior TikTok, there are almost too many videos to talk about. BUT because we need to know who came out on top, TikTok has officially revealed the Top 10 viral* videos of the year.

Here's a ranking of the best ones from 2019!

10. Bear suit daredevil, thanks to @raeganbrownn:

9. Shaving cream Crocs, thanks to @kidkneesothran:

8. Wholesome hummingbird, thanks to @herecomedatkush:

7. Kombucha girl, thanks to @brittany_broski:

6. Mr. Sandman cat, thanks to @jade13tr:

5. The MFing tea, thanks to @sammielewiss:

4. Man v. Wild, thanks to @jayleennina:

3. Swimming pool fail, thanks to @malorielynn14:

2. Banana surgery, thanks to @calebcutler:

1. And finally, Elephant Toothpaste, thanks to @daviddobrik (and Nick Uhas):

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