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Here's Everything We Know About "Timeless" Season 2

Let's go, Time Team.

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1. As you could probably tell from the Season 2 premiere, Lucy’s mom is going to be one of the major antagonists of the season.


“Lucy’s mom is gonna be really one of the major big bads in Season 2,” said co-creator Eric Kripke at the Timeless 2017 Comic-Con panel, which BuzzFeed attended. “Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine, and so that’s way worse than Garcia having his hands on the time machine.”

2. And because of that, we’re probably going to get to see Garcia team up with Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus.

“Garcia and the team kind of, sort of find themselves facing a common enemy and so there’s probably going to be some sort of complicated, really fraught, messy team-up with that,” said Kripke.

3. Season 2 will focus more on the characters and their relationships with each other.

“One of the things I’m excited about in Season 2 is, I think we can dig deeper into character,” said co-creator Shawn Ryan. “We’ll still have spectacle and we’ll have bigness, but I think they’ll be some episodes where we’ll dive deep into Lucy and Wyatt and Rufus and Jiya.”

4. Last season was shot in Vancouver, and this season is shot in Los Angeles.

“I think [filming in L.A.] will allow us to tell a few stories that we were unable to tell,” said Ryan. “There were stories we told in Vancouver that we wouldn’t have been able to tell in L.A. — the western [episode] in the snow — but there are definitely some stories that we were unable to tell there that we will be able to tell in L.A.”


5. There’s a chance that one of the episodes could focus on two topics the co-creators are personally interested in: the Orphan Train Movement and Robert Johnson.

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On the Orphan Train Movement: “I found out that I had multiple relatives that were kids who moved to the midwest via the orphan trains,” said Ryan. “They were Irish kids on the east coast who got put on the orphan trains… it caused me to do a deep dive into the history of the orphan trains, what became of a lot of those kids, and it’s still an area that I’d love to do on Timeless at some point.”

On Robert Johnson: “I want to do the Robert Johnson story, which was a big thing about selling your soul to a demon at the crossroads and [becoming] a blues guitarist,” said Kripke. “It was a big part of [Supernatural], and I want it to be a big part of this show. I’m really fascinated — it’s just such an interesting story about the Mississippi Delta and the birth of blues music in the ‘30s. I would love to do that story.”

6. And, no, they probably won’t visit the future anytime soon.


“Never say never, but kind of never,” said Kripke. “The show, for us, we look at it a lot more as a historical adventure than we do a science fiction show, per say... It’s so rare that the future is done well on TV… I don’t think we want to do that. I think we love the research, we love that it’s historically based, we love that we can teach the audience something.”