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    Posted on Jun 18, 2017

    If You Survived The 90s, Then You’ll Definitely Remember These Smells

    So many smells, so little time.

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    2. OK, wait. Let's just talk about some other plastic balls real quick: like this beach ball and playground ball. CAN YOU SMELL THEM?

    3. Not only could you hear the hallow crinkle of that white VHS opening up, but you could smell that sweet plastic air hiding within.

    4. You're straight-up lying if you say you can't smell lead shavings right now.

    5. Play-Doh always had a special smell, but for some reason it was so much better when you were squeezing it out of a plastic kid's head.


    6. Just look at those little rubbery-smelling, greyish-pinkish shreds that used to cover your wide-ruled paper. OH! And those mini-erasers that were useless, but delightful.

    Ayala_studio / Getty Images

    7. Oh, man. Remember the chalky, sugary smell of Bubble Tape as it was unraveled in all its glory?

    8. This. Chemical. Smell. Is. What. I. Lived. For.

    9. You got a lot of shampoo in your eyes, but, honestly, it was OK if it was the kind that smelled like cherry almond.


    10. And wow, there was definitely nothing like getting a giant, glorious hit of jelly shoes before you put them on for the day.

    11. TBH, there are two smells here: the one that hit you when you watched the hose fill up the kiddie pool and the one you got right when you stepped in.

    Toys R Us

    12. Honestly, there were so many things you could spray on your face and hair in the '90s, and ALL OF THEM smelled like angels covered in candy or fruit.

    Juice Bar

    13. And you'll never forget the lingering scent of Art Stuff lotions and perfumes that came in SO MANY fun smells.

    14. Yeah, Barbies had the signature plastic smell, but the TROPICAL SPLASH Barbie came pre-scented with a sweet floral aroma.

    15. Your Cabbage Patch doll had a sweet plastic scent that somehow never went away. I can smell it right now.

    16. And the whiff of syrupy, sugary gummies you got right when you opened a bag of Amazin' Fruit was what dreams were made of.

    Hershey's / Via

    17. We all know that each cookie has a specific smell, and this one was made up of crumbly goodness mixed with a hint of plastic from the lining inside.


    18. OK, but did you really even live if you didn't experience the smell of your friend making those Betty Crocker Betty Crocker Easy-Bake brownies?

    19. And did you even have a childhood if you didn't crack one of these bad boys open during a sleepover? That sweet, sweet tangy smell of sunshine in a bottle.

    Sunny D

    20. Can you still remember the smell of those fresh watercolor paints? I can, and it smells like beautiful water-downed chemicals.

    21. Not only were you beaming with pride when you got a Scratch N' Sniff sticker from your teacher, but you also got a nice hit of that root beer smell.

    VintageStickerMarket / Via

    22. And how about the MAGIC SCENT crayons that released those fruity flavors with every picture you drew?

    Bottomlessvault / Via

    23. And finally, sure, you kind of wanted to throw up a little bit in your mouth after smelled your Gak hands, but that wasn't going to stop you from making great fart sounds with that stretchy stuff.

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