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    Chris Harrison Revealed "The Bachelorette" Is Being Partially Recast And Thank God

    Hopefully this means we'll be getting some older men.

    It seems like just yesterday and, at the same time, a whole lifetime ago that we learned Clare Crawley is going to be the next Bachelorette. It's also when we learned that her season is filled with a lot of, um, 25-year-olds.


    Well, it turns out that because her season is being delayed because of the coronavirus, ABC is officially looking into recasting some of the men.


    During an Instagram Live with Chris Harrison and Clare, Chris revealed that they're still casting for the show.

    The chances are, for everybody to be able to put their life on hold and come back again is very slim. So yeah, we are still casting, so if you have somebody you think is great for this beautiful woman right here.

    In addition, according to Just Jared, Chris also said, “There will be some different guys. Maybe it’ll be completely different guys. Maybe it’ll be a mixture. Who knows? We really don’t know, with the way the world is right now, with everybody’s schedule.”


    Basically, let's just all cross our fingers and hope that this means Clare is getting some more men in their thirties and forties and fewer in their twenties.


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