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    Updated on Apr 15, 2020. Posted on Apr 14, 2020

    19 Cats Who Are So, So Cute, But So, So Dumb

    Not all cats make smart decisions.

    by ,

    1. This cat who knows it's always important to have a backup plan:

    u/Iwant2believe__ / Via

    2. This cat who just wanted to help pack:

    3. This cat who couldn't decide which tree was better:

    u/mrstoness / Via

    4. This cat who needed to investigate the tissue box really badly:

    u/something_something1 / Via

    5. This cat who wanted to be a part of bath time:

    u/dittidot / Via

    6. This cat who DID NOT want to be at the vet:

    u/catsbuttscats / Via

    7. This cat who found the best and worst way to look out a window:

    u/MissNicolicious / Via

    8. This cat who wanted to help with laundry:

    My friend's cat got stuck inside a plastic hanger. Here is a photo:

    9. And this cat who also wanted to help:

    u/bshigem / Via

    10. These two silly cats who needed to break through the door, STAT:

    u/Enter_Text_Here / Via

    11. This cat who got themself in a sticky situation:

    u/antpile11 / Via

    12. This cat who had an idea that was not a good idea:


    13. And this cat who also had a mediocre idea:

    14. This cat who was betrayed by the sliding door:

    u/griter34 / Via

    15. This cat who couldn't figure out how to close the door:

    u/Standard_Candle / Via

    16. This cat who needed a little taste of some delicious crumbs:

    u/MindGrenade / Via

    17. And this cat who just wanted a little lick of ice cream:

    u/mitchbrown13 / Via

    18. This cat who wanted to be with the trash:

    19. And finally, this cat who is NOT stuck:

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