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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    16 "SpongeBob SquarePants" Moments That Went Right Over Your Head As A Kid

    The innuendos are real.

    1. When Patrick was hella pervy.


    2. When SpongeBob was 100% watching porn.

    3. When Squidward's secret life was revealed.

    4. When — let's be real, — SpongeBob was blowing up condoms.

    5. When SpongeBob called Mrs. Puff the C-word.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    6. When SpongeBob's nose wanted to be a penis.


    7. When it was revealed that Squidward had sex with a hamburger.

    8. When SpongeBob told a prison rape joke to Gary.


    9. When Sandy pondered about SpongeBob's pubic hair.


    Spongebob: Sorry, Sanday, I have to get my hair cut!

    Sandy: Spongebob doesn't have hair...OR DOES HE?!

    10. When Patrick's sand art got real graphic real quick.


    11. When Patrick repeatedly ordered Squidward to firmly grasp the rod.

    12. When Squidward was legitimately using a vacuum to masturbate.

    13. When Patrick most definitely bought an STD-themed cake.


    14. When the wiener innuendos were too real to function.

    15. When Patrick and SpongeBob pretended that one of them wasn't being paid for sex.


    16. And, finally, the fact that The Krusty Krab (and Mr. Krabs) lived in Bikini Bottom.


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