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17 "Family Feud" Answers That Will Never Stop Being Funny

The Family Feud struggle is real.

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1. When Christmas was ruined for everyone.


5. When a man channeled Professor Trelawney and predicted someone's death.

Steve Harvey: It's the first day of the new year. Name a reason you're not getting out of bed.

Contestant: 'Cause you're dead.

7. When a contestant revealed that he was actually a child in a man's body.

Steve Harvey: Name a fruit that comes in more than one color.

Contestant: Jell-o.


8. When a woman maybe-most-definitely alluded to that Richard Gere gerbil story.

Steve Harvey: Name something a doctor might pull out of a person.

Contestant: A gerbil... I heard about something like that once.


12. When murder was kind of maybe brought up.


Steve Harvey: If you have a big enough casket, name something you really can take with you.

Contestant: A pet.

Steve Harvey: You're dead so you're gonna kill your pet cause you didn't make it?... Oh. My. Goodness.

13. When a contestant was so, so close but so, so far away.

Steve Harvey: Give me a boy's name that starts with the letter H.

Contestant: José.

14. When an answer went from zero to 100 real, real fast.


15. When a contestant was right even if the board said she was wrong.

Steve Harvey: Name something you pull out.

Contestant: Your penis?

16. When both Steve Harvey and this man knew what had been done.

Steve Harvey: Name a job that's dirty, but someone has to do it.

Contestant: Gynecologist.