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17 Questions I Have About "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" Now That I’m An Adult

Even pure gold needs to be questioned every now and then.

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First things first: Put “This Is What Dreams Are Made Of” on repeat.

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1. This is a serious question: Is it normal for 13- and 14-year-olds to go on two-week trips to Europe with their middle school classes?


It’s pretty normal for students who have just graduated high school, but middle school seems early, right? (Also, LOL at Lizzie being 13 or 14.)

2. Wait, the other option for a class trip was a 36-hour bus ride to a water park?


That makes no sense. Why wouldn’t they go to a water park within the state that they reside in? Or, you know, anything that is less than 36 hours away by bus?


5. LIZZIE. AND. ISABELLA. ARE. IDENTICAL. Why doesn’t Lizzie at least somewhat question that?


But I guess this is a common theme in identical twin movies because in The Parent Trap, Hallie sees Annie — who is obviously her twin — and basically says they look nothing alike.

6. When Paolo and Lizzie are trying to get away from Miss Ungermeyer, why is Paolo acting like he's stuck in traffic? YOU’RE ON A VESPA, USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.


7. If Lizzie has been “sick” for more than three days, and she doesn’t seem to have gotten any better, wouldn't Miss Ungermeyer be more worried than she is?

Given that Miss Ungermeyer is a strict chaperon, I'm thinking she probably would have been more on top of this.

8. OK, apparently Paolo's 17. It still feels kind of wrong, doesn’t it?

Listen, I know three or four years isn't a big age gap. BUT SHE'S EITHER 13 OR 14, SHE IS A BABY. Couldn’t they have also made Paolo 14? Does this mean Isabella is also 17 but her double, aka Lizzie, is still 14? IDK.

9. Why would she say that the sun is the reason her hair went from brown to blonde? She literally could have just said she dyed it.


This straight-up sounds like a lie I would have told if I was embarrassed about dying my hair. Kind of like that time I put a Band-Aid over a pimple and lied and said my cat scratched me.

10. Why does she say, “Goodbye, Lizzie McGuire. Hello, fabulous” when she changed nothing about her appearance except for the braids in her hair?


I get that she wanted to be comfortable, which is totally fine, but the phrase should then be, “Goodbye, Lizzie McGuire. Hello, Lizzie McGuire with braids.”


13. Who can afford to fly to Rome on a whim like this? And just because they miss their daughter?


I’d say the family is wealthy and that's why they're buying last-minute tickets, but I’m 100% positive there’s an episode where Lizzie wants a pair of expensive jeans and her mom takes her to a discount store instead. Something’s not adding up, people. Also, side note, why wouldn’t they call her first letting her know that they're on their way?


15. How are all of these people standing and/or sitting in the Colosseum?

I did some research and, although concerts do take place in the Colosseum (pictured on the right), it is not possible to seat the crowd the way that the movie does.

16. Why is Gordo in charge of the soundboard?


I'm gonna just let this one slide for the sake of drama. I'm also going to let slide the fact that no one really questioned there were two Isabellas backstage. What can I say? People are easily confused.