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14 Hilariously Accurate "Queer Eye" Tweets That Describe All Five Guys Perfectly

Tan: French tuck.

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But secondly, if you've watched at least two episodes of the show, then you know that all five of the guys have, uh, some go-to moves that they like to use for each makeover.

every dude on queer eye: ive never brushed my teeth in my life tan: french tuck

So though I know we all deeply love Queer Eye, let's all enjoy these jokes about each member of the Fab Five...because they are hilariously accurate:

1. Yup:

every ep of Queer Eye bobby: your house is blue and grey now antoni: do you like dip tan: patterned shirt, french tuck jonathan: literally just wash your face karamo: FACE YOUR DEMONS

2. Mhmm:

#QueerEye Bobby: you need a SPACE for yourSELF Karamo: you need CONFIDENCE Antoni: you need something QUICK and SIMPLE Jonathan: you need to make TIME for POMADE Tan: you need to get it together or your wife will divorce you. I always look good for my husband.

3. 100%:

Karamo: I had a chat with them about confidence! Jonathan: I took them for a haircut! Antoni: I taught them how to make guacamole! Tan: I bought them a pair of dress shoes! Bobby: I DESIGNED, BUILT AND DECORATED A TWO STORY HOUSE WITH MY TWO BARE HANDS SOMEONE HELP ME #QueerEye

4. Lol, yeah:

Queer eye really be like : Bobby : ok so I spent 250,000$ renovating your house Karamo : let’s talk feelings and see the real you. The true you Tan : I just spent 17,000$ on new clothes for you ! Jonathan: here’s a beautiful haircut! Antoni : HeRE HoW U MaKe GrILLeD CHeEZ 🤪

5. Always:

Queer Eye— a summary Antoni: you can now make one (1) dip Tan: French tuck, snazzy sneakers, and you’re good Jonathon: pomade and sunscreen honeyyyy Bobby: this is navy and grey Karamo: when you stare into the void does it stare back. did you parents love you. we all die alone

6. *Nodding*:

Bobby: here’s a new house keep it clean Jonathan: here’s new hair keep it managed professionally Tan: here’s new clothes only wear this Karamo: here’s a new brain you don’t GET to have anxiety anymore guy: h Antoni: here’s a sensible Caesar salad recipe guy: oh thank god

7. Definitely:

every Queer Eye ep bobby: no more clutter! i'm throwing out 90% of your furniture. here's a sectional karamo: look into my eyes and reveal your entire family history antoni: that's a sexy pan for stir fry jonathan: pomade will save us all tan: ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES FOR CONFIDENCE

8. Spot on:

Every ep of queer eye: Tan: Patterns! Boots! Rolled Cuffs! Layer so we don't see your tummy Koromo: I'm your dad now Jonathan: Sodium lauryl sulfate is what carburetors are cleaned with Bobby: I basically demolished your house and built you this knew one Antoni: Greek Yogurt!

9. Find the lie:

Antoni’s budget: $40 Karamo’s budget: $25 Tan’s budget: $300 Jonathan’s budget: $50 Bobby’s budget: $45,000 #QueerEye

10. Correct:

Green Eggs & Ham w/ #QueerEye Bobby: would you eat them in this box? Antoni: would you eat them with this lox? Karamo: would you eat them while you’re depressed? Tan: would you eat them while getting dressed? Jonathan: YOU ARE SERVING FULL ON RHYMING REALNESS AND I LOVE IT

11. *holds back tears* yes:

JVN: *cuts their hair beautifully* Me: 😭 Tan: *french tuck* Me: 😭 Bobbi: *fluffs a pillow* Me: 😭 Antoni: *peels an egg* Me: 😭 Karamo: *does anything* Me: 😭 #queereye

12. Accurate:

Jonathon (crying): I will make you beautiful. Tan (crying): I will make you stylish. Antoni (crying): I will teach you to feed a family. Bobby (crying): I will build your dream home. Karamo (crying) I will make you the best mix cd you have ever heard in your life 😭😭😭

13. No error here:

Jonathan: gives radiant glow and a decade off their face Karamo: improves their social skills and motivation 1000x Tan: creates a new wardrobe that lets them embrace their style and personality Bobby: transforms their entire home Antoni: puts onions in water

14. LOL, YES:

every episode of @QueerEye bobby: despite repetition of themes jonathan: and archetypal behavior antoni: this show is karamo: uplifting & addictive tan: patterned button down shirt