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    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Refusing To Put Down Her Emmys In Her "SNL" Promo Is The Confidence We Should All Have

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge can do whatever she wants, always.

    Three-Time Emmy Award Winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge™ is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and she and her golden statues are READY!!!

    And what I mean by that is that PWB's promo is here, and in it, she refuses to put down her Emmys, even for a second.

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    She won't put them down when she's getting pitched jokes:

    She won't put them down when she needs water:

    And she won't put them down when she needs to press a button for the elevator:

    Like, seriously, she won't put them down:

    ANYWAY, everyone support Phoebe and her THREE Emmys this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

    ‼️ *looks directly at the camera* ‼️