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    21 People Who Got Very, Very Confused

    That doesn't mean what you think it means.

    1. This person, who's not looking to date:

    Twitter: @xineliza / Via Kale Salad /

    2. This boyfriend, who only has one thing on his mind:

    3. This friend, who's always striving to be polite:

    4. This person, who is still figuring out egg and cheese bagels:

    Twitter: @ErinChack / Via Kale Salad /

    5. These two people, who are both wrong:

    6. This person, who loves lip balm:

    Twitter: @turdwig_ / Via Kale Salad /

    7. This grandma, who's just trying to figure out GIFs:

    8. This person, who just discovered lettuce:

    9. This guy, who just wants to figure out how to call this girl:

    10. This mom, who knows all her daughter's friends:

    Twitter: @kairdv / Via Kale Salad /

    11. This dad, who just wants a new credit card:

    12. This sibling, who loves that one song:

    Twitter: @lexxwex / Via Kale Salad /

    13. These parents, who are so happy their daughter is embracing religion:

    14. This guy, who really understands gender and sexuality:

    Twitter: @Jaidachan / Via Kale Salad /

    15. This person, who does not have their baby:

    Twitter: @Itskarleytime / Via Kale Salad

    16. This kid, who has a few questions about their neighbor's keychain:

    17. This mom, who believes seeing is believing:

    18. This woman, who's looking forward to being a step-mom:

    Twitter: @cpeacock31 / Via Kale Salad /

    19. This dad, who is happy his wife paid the bills:

    Twitter: @trishaaaayyye / Via Kale Salad /

    20. This boyfriend, who loves — but doesn't understand — presents:

    Twitter: @666oth / Via Kale Salad /

    21. And this dad, who just wants to make sure his daughter is OK:

    H/T: @kalesalad

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