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    Here's What The Night King From "Game Of Thrones" Looks Like In Real Life

    Sorry, those baby blues aren't real.

    You guessed it — spoilers ahead! So stop reading if you haven't watched Season 8, Episode 3 of Game of Thrones.


    So, uh, last night Arya "Not Today" Stark finally ended the Night King with a sleight-of-hand knife move that impressed all of us (except Bran, who didn't react at all??? OK, Bran, sure).

    Which means now is the perfect time to kindly remind everyone what the man who plays the Night King actually looks like when he's out of all of his insane makeup and CGI eyes.


    The actor is none other than stunt performer extraordinaire Vladimir Furdik, who's been playing the Night King since Season 6.

    HBO, Vladimir Furdik / Via

    (He's also a stunt performer and stunt supervisor for the show.)

    And all I have to say is that it's quite hilarious to scroll through his Instagram and see that he is just a normal human being and definitely not an IRL villain who turns dead people into an undead army.

    Like, here he is eating ice cream before a battle scene:

    Here he is kissing a horse:

    Here he is hanging out with Channing Tatum:

    Here he is in the middle of getting his Night King makeup on:

    Here he is hanging out with Gwendoline Christie during rehearsals:

    And here he is, and I can't stress this enough, rehearsing some SERIOUSLY impressive sword moves:

    So the moral of the story is that the Night King is bad...


    ...but Vladimir Furdik is good:

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