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23 Moms Who Deserve A Fucking Medal

I love moms.

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1. This mom, who speaks the truth — even when it hurts.

2. This mom, who has no time for your shit grammar.

3. This mom, who will never forget.

4. This mom, who makes you work for the burn.

lord__lightskinned / Via

5. This mom, who has no time for your ego.

6. This mom, who's just 'lette-ing you know the truth.

7. This mom, who's over that whole "worrying" phase.

kateyyladyy / Via

8. This mom, who's prettier.

o_b_v_i_o_u_s_l_y / Via

9. This mom, who's got jokes.

legendhub / Via

10. This mom, who has feelings on body piercings.

11. This mom, who has her priorities straight.

12. This mom, who has no time for this bullshit.

13. This mom, who throws shade every damn day.

14. This mom, who has feelings about her son's girlfriend...

15. ...and this mom, who just wants her son to get one.

Twitter: @Edgarr760

Mom: What are you doing

Child: Looking for pokemon

Mom: Look for a girlfriend

16. This mom, who won't be forced to do anything.

17. This mom, who knows how to get things done.

Mom told me to check out her insta post and I see this.. what a savage

Twitter: @OliviaBogan

18. This mom, who isn't playing games.

19. This mom, who knows her offspring well.

20. This mom, who does not approve of today's trends.

21. This mom, who is both concerned and shady.

22. This mom, who is the savage we should all aspire to be IRL.

23. And finally, this mom, who is too savage for words.

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