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    B.J. Novak From “The Office” Isn’t Done Creating Hilarious Michael Scott Ideas

    You do you, Michael.

    Office fans love Michael Scott because, well, he is Michael Scott in all his idiotic, confused, naive, beautiful glory.


    And even though we only get to re-watch him do things that only he would do...


    (Like think mayonnaise and olives is a suitable substitute for ice cream.)

    Thanks to B.J. Novak, a.k.a. Ryan Howard and one of the writers on the show, we have new Michael Scott adventures to imagine!


    Novak tweeted out a list he created titled, "Ideas I Had For Michael Scott This Week"...


    B.J. Novak / Via

    I mean, could those ideas *BE* anymore Michael Scott?


    Yeah, we might not get to *see* Michael do these new hilarious things. But at least we get to imagine him making new best friends on airplanes.


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