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    Mandy Moore Posted Some Behind-The-Scenes "Walk To Remember" Pics And They're Amazing

    Hello, 2001.

    If you were a preteen or a teen with a heart in 2001, then you probably saw A Walk to Remember and LOVED IT.

    Pandora Cinema

    Mandy Moore also clearly loves the movie, so she just posted some behind-the-scenes photos from the set...AND THEY'RE SO CUTE.

    Just look at her, Shane West, and director Adam Shankman prepping for the ICONIC singing scene!

    Adam Shankman / Via

    And look at them laughing! Pure joy and happiness!

    Adam Shankman / Via

    No really! Look at how many laughs were on set for a movie that caused so many tears!

    Adam Shankman / Via

    Even Adam, who found the photos in an old box, posted a pic.

    (Please let me draw your attention to Mandy Moore and Shane West's hands.)

    Adam Shankman / Via

    Basically, A Walk To Remember is amazing, especially this scene:

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