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    An Artist Illustrated All Of Lara Jean's Outfits From "To All The Boys" And I Need All Of Them Now

    Someone give me a To All The Boys I've Loved Before animated TV series, ASAP.

    To All The Boys I've Loved Before has given us a lot of things to talk about, and one of those many things is LARA JEAN COVEY'S AMAZING OUTFITS.

    Inspired by her style in the movie, Manila-based designer and illustrator Gica Tam decided to illustrate all of Lara Jean's looks.

    To all the outfits Lara Jean has worn before 💌

    "I really enjoyed TATBILB’s visual palette and its subtle nod to some of my fave teen movies growing up," Tam told BuzzFeed. "I actually didn’t realize the extent of Lara Jean’s outfit changes until a friend pointed out just how much she wore."

    "It’s clear that there was so much thought behind every piece, so I tried to remain as accurate as possible while illustrating them."

    Here are all of Lara Jean's outfits side-by-side with Tam's AWESOME illustrated versions:

    1. The red gown:

    2. The striped tee and overalls:

    3. The blue romper:

    4. The green anorak jacket:

    5. The polka-dot dress and beret:

    6. The jean vest:

    7. The rainbow sweater:

    8. The loungewear:

    9. The first-day-of-school look:

    10. The P.E. outfit:

    11. The middle-school dance dress:

    12. The turtleneck and red skirt:

    13. The rose hoodie:

    14. The floral dress and bomber jacket:

    15. The pink blazer:

    16. The yellow cardigan and those ~spinnable~ jeans:

    17. The apron:

    18. The black dress and blue bomber jacket:

    19. The velvet pink tee and suspender dress:

    20. The sweatshirt and pink skirt:

    21. The button-up blouse and maroon sweater:

    22. The bow top and brown jacket:

    23. The velvet skirt:

    24. The red peacoat and sunglasses:

    25. The nightgown:

    26. The button-up and plaid top:

    27. The color-block tee and cardigan:

    28. The polka-dot pajamas:

    29. The tee, sweater, and headphones:

    30. And finally, the red peacoat, plaid skirt, and yellow knee-high socks:

    You can checkout more of Tam's work here, and you can buy a print of all of Lara Jean's outfits here.