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18 Humans Who Are Definitely Trapped Inside Inanimate Objects

Please save these poor people.

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1. I mean, just look at this goofball who's trapped inside a bag:

2. And look at this guy who 100% smells something fishy going on:

3. Look at this person who is just straight-up high AF:


4. OMG, wow, and all of these friends are trapped together, but at least they have jokes:

5. This person can't believe she has to spend the rest of her life stored in a closet or cabin space:

6. Aw, but at least this sweet married couple has a honeymoon to look forward to:

7. Omg, wait, I know this is a dog and not a human, but SOMEONE HELP THIS DOG RIGHT NOW:

8. And this water buffalo!!!!

9. This poor person got trapped in six different objects and he is STRESSED:

thetallone7 / Via

10. Also, legitimate question: Is this Randall from Recess? Either way, we have to save him:

lars_schuurman / Via

11. And we also have to save Squidward and Voldemort's child:

Zalminen / Via

12. Look at this dude who just wants to return to his life of riding waves at sunrise every day:

13. And this person who is reflecting on all his life choices that led to him becoming a cargo pant pocket:

14. Honestly, my heart is hurting right now because of how sad this child clown is:

drCrankoPhone / Via

15. And someone needs to save this man so he can stop thinking about that one time he called his teacher "mom":

indoninjah / Via

16. This person is "meh" about becoming a ceiling because, honestly, she's not that surprised her life took this turn:

scullingbrah / Via

17. And then there's this lil' guy who is smiling through the pain of watermelon imprisonment:

StamatopoulosMichael / Via

18. And finally, here is definitive proof that humans are trapped in all of these inanimate objects:

@FrogCroakley / Via Twitter: @FrogCroakley

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