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    56 Thoughts I Had While I Was Being Ghosted

    Maybe he spilled water on his phone and he also has anxiety because he can't contact me.

    1. That's strange — he hasn't texted me back yet.

    2. I thought we were having a good conversation over the past few days. Did I accidentally say something weird?

    3. Nope, pretty basic exchange. Him: "How was your night?" Me: "So good! Went out with some friends. You??"

    4. That's so normal. I answered his question. It's normal.

    5. OK, OK. Take a breather. You barely know this guy. He has a life and is probably just busy. Give him some time.


    7. It's been over 24 hours now... this is just rude.

    8. He's the one that initiated the freakin' conversation! I simply answered and then reciprocated. What the actual hell.

    9. What if he didn't get my text?

    10. I know that's the cliché thing to wonder, but one time my mom got mad at me for not texting her back when I clearly had.

    11. She just didn't get the text. It didn't go through.

    12. Wow. What if he actually didn't get it? Can I follow-up and ask him that?

    13. No, don't do that. That's the creeper thing to do. He'll text back eventually.

    14. But what if he's staring at his phone right now and wondering why I'm not texting him back?

    15. I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! I'm the one by her phone!

    16. But I can't text him again. That would be clingy.

    17. Maybe his phone died.

    18. Maybe he spilled water on it and he also has anxiety because he can't contact me.

    19. And maybe he's wondering if I spilled water on my phone.

    20. That's kind of cute.

    21. WTF. That's not cute because that's insane and that didn't happen.

    22. But what if it did?

    23. It's been almost two days now.

    24. Am I being ghosted? Is that what's happening right now?

    25. I know what being ghosted is, but I didn't think it actually happened to that many people.

    26. I mean, I guess it has to happen pretty often if it's a term on Urban Dictionary now.

    27. No, he was so nice! There's no way he's ghosting me.

    28. He doesn't know me well enough to not like me yet.

    29. OMG. What if he's seriously injured or something?

    30. What if he got into a car accident and now he's dead?

    31. Would I go to the funeral?

    32. How would I explain I know him? "Hi, I was talking to your son on a dating app and he seemed to like me...and now I'm here."

    33. I know it's crazy to think that the reason that someone didn't text me back is because they're dead and not because they just don't want to text me...

    34. ...But it would make sense!

    35. I'm not saying it for sure happened, but I can't say that that's not what happened.

    36. Let me check Tinder to see if he's been on recently.

    37. Wait, what? He's not in my matches section anymore. Did he unmatch me?

    38. I've never been unmatched before. I didn't even know that was a thing you could do.

    39. Why would he do that? There's no point in doing that.

    40. Well, I've always hated that you can see when the other person has been on Tinder, so maybe he unmatched so it wouldn't stress him out.

    41. After all, we barely know each other.

    42. It's not like we're just going to delete the app because we started talking to each other.

    43. Wow. Did he actually unmatch me? What a douche.

    44. Maybe he got back with an ex-girlfriend and she made him delete the app.

    45. That still sucks, though.

    46. Ugh. He still hasn't texted.

    47. I should probably save face and stop worrying about this because it is INSANE that I care this much.

    48. I don't even really know him!

    49. But there's no way someone would just stop talking to someone in the middle of a conversation.

    50. That's not what decent human beings do.

    51. They wouldn't just leave someone without explaining what's going on.

    52. Maybe he'll still text me. There's still a chance he will.

    53. It could happen.

    54. Fuck.

    55. I've been ghosted.

    56. On to the next swipe.