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    People Are Describing Their Favorite Films With Only Three Words And, Y'all, It's So Good

    Three. Little. Words.

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    Recently, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences tweeted out a fun challenge for movie lovers everywhere: "Describe your favorite film in three words."

    Describe your favorite film in three words.

    So let's see if you can figure out which movie each set of three words is talking about. When you're ready to reveal the answer, click on the photo below it!

    1. "On your left!" β€”@TwitterMovies

    Marvel Studios

    2. "Ugh, as if." β€”@robsheff

    Paramount Pictures

    3. β€œAu revoir, Shoshana!” β€”@MarceloMunozP

    The Weinstein Company

    4. "Manners maketh man." β€”@elmo_fpv

    TSG Entertainment

    5. "Practically perfect nanny." β€”@BenDeeter

    Walt Disney Studios

    6. "I'll be back." β€”@Cinemark

    Orion Pictures

    7. "I'm your density!" β€”@HelloLynne4Ever

    Universal Pictures

    8. "Let it go." β€”@gamthestar

    Walt Disney Studios

    9. "We are Groot." β€”@yusufneedsarest

    Marvel Studios

    10. "The Dude abides." β€”@BigDaddyKane66

    Gramercy Pictures

    11. "Why so serious?" β€”@The_Amit_Legend

    Warner Bros.

    12. "Goes to 11." β€”@pulmyears

    Embassy Pictures

    13. "Takin' these Huggies!" β€”@KevinMKruse

    20th Century Fox

    14. "It's a trap!" β€”@Shazbotacus

    LucasFilm Ltd.

    15. "Fly, you fools." β€”@David_Leavitt

    New Line Cinema

    16. "Dignity. Always dignity." β€”@BradBirdA113


    17. "I hate snakes." β€”@NYinLA2121

    LucasFilm Ltd.

    18. "As you wish." β€”@javamanphil

    20th Century Fox

    19. And finally: "Royale with cheese." β€”@Seb_du_Grenier

    Miramax Films

    How did you do?! Did you get them all??? WELL, NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! Can you describe your favorite movie in only three words? Share yours in the comments below!

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