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24 Of The Best Tweets About Corinne From "The Bachelor"

"Corinne is my new drunk alter ego name."

1. This theory that is 100% true:

I think Corrine's parents gave her a copy of SimCity and tell her she is running the company from her laptop. #TheBachelor

2. This amazingly accurate account for Corinne's nanny:

Took 3 days for me to blow up the bouncy house. My lungs are spent! So worth it to provide a fairy tale dream for my Corinne. #thebachelor

3. This super important question that needs to be answered:

Another question: Is "cheese pasta" Corinne's name for mac 'n cheese? Or is it literally just noodles with cheese on top? #TheBachelor

4. This person's mom who just *gets it*:

my mom whenever Corrine talks on the Bachelor

5. This perfect, perfect idea:

corrine is my new drunk alter ego name

6. This side-eye:

Corinne: "If you cant handle being interrupted, then why are you here?" Also Corinne: "It's rude when people interrupt me." #TheBachelor

7. This scarily accurate mind-read:

"AM I ORIGINAL? AM I THE ONLY ONE? AM I SEXUAL????" —Corrine's inner monologue literally all the time #TheBachelor

8. This uncanny description:

Corrine is like a baby: sleeps a lot, enjoys being naked, all the attention has to be on her or she cries. Call that nanny #TheBachelor

9. This reasonable assumption:

Corinne thinks she's never been a bridesmaid because she was meant to be a bride. Or she has no friends. Definitely one of the two.

10. This amazing song remix:

Rain drop Drop top Corrine needs to stop stop #TheBachelor 🌹🌹🌹

11. This fact that we can all agree on:

Corrine: I just wanna go home 😩 Everyone watching the Bachelor: THENNN GOOOO HOOOOMMEE

12. This crazy yet completely accurate plot line:

You know Corrine is on that yacht hiding in a closet and gonna jump out "Can I borrow him for a minute?" #TheBachelor

13. This GIF, which has never applied more:

Me when Corrine talks about her nanny #TheBachelor

14. Corinne's poor, poor nanny:

The next time you want to bitch about work, remember there's a woman out there whose job title is "Corrine's nanny." #thebachelor

15. This lucrative opportunity:

if i had a dollar for every time jade and tanner's wedding was mentioned i could buy corinne's business #TheBachelor

16. This realization:

"I'm about to embarrass myself in front of 500 plus people," says Corinne, who seriously forgets this whole show will air on TV #TheBachelor

17. This spot-on throwback to Olivia:

Corrine, don't be discouraged. Your dancing can't be worse than Olivia's. So, you'll always have that, at least.…

18. These undeniable similarities:

Corrine is like 2 protien shakes and 1/2 lb of cold cuts away from going from going full @realChadJohnson #TheBachelor

19. This genius plan to get on the show:

Bachelor casting director: "Corinne, describe yourself in two words." "Female Chad" "Welcome to #TheBachelor"

20. This amazing comparison:

Actual picture of Corrine tn on the bachelor

21. This foreshadowing for the rest of the season:

Can almost guarantee Corrine says "I didn't come here to make friends" before she inevitably gets booted. #TheBachelor

22. This nap appreciation:

Almost respect Corrine's commitment to napping. #thebachelor

23. This case of mistaken identity:

Was I just watching Corinne's intro or deleted scenes of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? #TheBachelor

24. This prediction for the future:

This is Corrine in 20 years. Just FYI. #TheBachelor