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    21 Computer Games That Will Make Every ‘90s Girl Say, “Holy Fuck, I Loved Playing That”

    All I want to do is play ClueFinders and You Don't Know Jack.

    1. Zoombinis

    "PLEEEASE make me a pizza!!!!"

    2. The ClueFinders

    Never forget Joni Savage, Santiago Rivers, Owen Lam, and Leslie Clark.

    3. You Don't Know Jack

    Raise your hand if you totally forgot about this trivia game.

    4. Backyard Baseball

    Does the name Pablo Sanchez mean anything to you?

    5. Rockett's New School

    Who else remembers Rockett's soccer practice?

    6. RollerCoaster Tycoon

    Not old enough to have a real-life job, but old enough to be a tycoon.

    7. JumpStart

    Educational-smeducational, this stuff was good.

    8. JumpStart Typing

    Um, yes I want to compete in Sparks Stadium and learn how to type at the same time. The answer is yes.

    9. The American Girls Premiere

    Oh man, that bar at the top of the computer screen is bringing back so many memories.

    10. Barbie Fashion Designer

    Good luck getting your parents to let you print out those outfits.

    11. Barbie Magic Hair Styler

    For all of us who weren't allowed to play with makeup in real life.

    12. All the other Barbie games

    Honestly, the options were endless.

    13. Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

    I will forever love that woman on the "videophone."

    14. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

    The good thing about this being a computer game is that you could risk all your money...because it didn't matter.

    15. Nancy Drew series

    Fun fact: these games are still being made.

    16. Madeline series

    I'm pretty sure the background music in this made it such a great game.

    17. Cake Mania

    Remember this? You could play online and customers would line up for Jill (the baker) and you would have to remember their orders and make them for them.

    18. The Lizzie McGuire Dress Up game

    19. Clue

    For, you know, when no one would play an actual game of Clue with you.

    20. Neopets

    Why was that bullseye game so fun?

    21. And finally, The Sims

    I want to formerly apologize to my parents for making my Sims do things in the hot tub.