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Posted on Dec 22, 2017

This 15-Question Quiz Separates Casual Harry Potter Fans From The Hardcore Fans

This is truly the ultimate Harry Potter holiday quiz.

Just in time for the holidays, Pottermore has created its very own 40-question Harry Potter quiz that separates the casual fans from the hardcore fans...and BuzzFeed has 15 of those questions available below! Good luck!

  1. Who did the Weasley twins hit with bewitched snowballs?

  2. Where did Ron’s parents spend Christmas in 1991?

  3. What game did Ron teach Harry over their first-year Christmas holidays?

  4. What colors were the Weasley twins’ Christmas sweaters (in the first book)?

  5. How many Weasleys spent Christmas in Hogwarts during Harry’s first year?

  6. What did Professor Trelawney wear to Christmas dinner in Prisoner of Azkaban?

  7. How long did Hermione spend getting ready for the Yule Ball?

  8. What pest did Luna believe you could find in mistletoe?

  9. In the chapter "Christmas on the Closed Ward" in Order of the Phoenix, Broderick Bode received a plant and which other present?

  10. What did Kreacher send Harry for Christmas?

  11. What Christmas present did Petunia Dursley give to Lily Potter?

  12. In Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron picked an Every Flavor Bean that tasted of which Christmas food?

  13. In Chamber of Secrets, which festive drink do we see Hagrid drinking many goblets of?

  14. Which book features the chapter "A Very Frosty Christmas"?

  15. In one of Harry’s dreams, he imagined Christmas baubles shaped like which character’s head?

To fully challenge your Harry Potter Christmas knowledge, go to Pottermore for the complete 40-question quiz.

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