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Updated on Dec 14, 2019. Posted on Dec 10, 2019

Here Are The Best Animal TikToks Of 2019

Too many funny and heartwarming floof videos.

TikTok just announced its Top 100 list, which includes the top viral videos, celebrities, memes, dance moves, and more. But mostly importantly, IT INCLUDES THE TOP 10 BEST PET AND ANIMAL VIDEOS!!!

Here are the Top 10 most hilarious and/or heartwarming animal videos of 2019:

10. Vanessa Carlton llama, thanks to @divinefalcon0:

9. Making a Huxley, thanks to @huxleythepandapuppy:

8. Baby jaguar swimming, thanks to @mokshabybee:

7. Hazelnut the Dachschund, thanks to @hollyandhazelnut:

6. Biting hamster, thanks to @ame269:

5. Dancing ferret, thanks to @friendlyquest:

4. Dog love story, thanks to @beingbirch:

3. Marley's debut, thanks to @marleymalin:

2. Tiger tag, thanks to @kodyantle:

1. Stryker's birthday, thanks to @strykerthecat:

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