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    26 Genius Ideas That Should Be Real

    "An app where Dwayne The Rock Johnson tells me he's proud of me after I manage to successfully schedule an appointment over the phone."


    Working on an app that's somewhere between @Grubhub and @Uber where a pizza takes you home.


    An app where Dwayne The Rock Johnson tells me he's proud of me after I manage to successfully schedule an appointment over the phone


    An app where you can alert other females in your office when the bathroom is empty for pooping?


    I'm gonna create an app where u can send avocados to people you love.


    An app where Viola Davis wakes you up every morning to her voice telling you "get up, you got this"


    What if we had an app called tender where you could meet up with other people to eat fried chicken?


    my kickstarter: an anti anxiety app where you just shriek into your phone until you feel okay, it's called Banshee


    is there an app where some1 will deliver hot coffee 2 U in bed & also wrap U in blankets 2 make sure ur cozy while drinkin it if so pls link


    When will there be an app where I can pay someone to live my life for me while I sit at home, eat ice cream, and watch people's snapchats


    Where's the app that just lets you know when everyone in an email thread finally made a plan?


    I'm inventing an app where if you record a concert on your phone for longer than 2 minutes, it automatically sends a dick pic to your mom


    Can there be an app where all the 5 star Uber drivers can text you advice when you don't want it but still kind of need it bc I need that


    I just invented the dating app Pringle, where you eat Pringles alone and have an enjoyable night eating potato chips


    Should be an app where u can download a map of ur supermarket and it locates ur mom so u can track her down when u lose her


    I need an app where an italian woman scolds me for not achieving my goals. Or I could call my mother more, I guess.


    There should be an app called Rate My Peer where you can grade group members and prevent them from fucking over classmates in the future


    There should be an app that lets you pin all the places where you've cried in public


    is there an app like tinder but not like tinder where i can find a safe person who would want to take naps with me?


    Someone should invent an app to solve ‘I remember your face but I cannot remember where we met'


    Hope they someday launch an App where we can exchange each others regrets.


    an app like google maps but it only shows you where dogs are playing


    They should create an app where you can delete your number off of someone else's phone when you're done with their bullshit.


    An app where every time I want my friends to know I care they get a text from me that just plays the Golden Girls theme song


    Hinder: an app that tells you where your friends are going on Tinder dates so you can surprise meet them and ruin everything.


    Pokemon Go and Bumble should make an app where I can trap men and make them fight over me at the gym.


    an app where you can automatically transfer your menstrual cramps to a politician who does not support reproductive health