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What's The Most Embarrassing Body Problem You've Ever Googled?

Unstoppable eye twitch? Haven't pooped in a week? Tasting pennies? Tell us about all the strange in your browser history.

Sometimes you have a health question so out there, there’s no way you’re going to say it out loud.

Comedy Central / Via

You wouldn’t ask your best friend about this, let alone an actual doctor.

So, obviously, you turn to Google. / Via

And you hold on to the small shred of hope that you're not actually dying, pregnant, or suffering from a novel illness that will later be named after you.

You type out some variation of "headache rash sore throat hurts when I pee HALP"

NBC / Via

Surely you cannot be the only one searching for this... right?

You can't be alone in wondering "why is my poop green?"

Bravo / Via

(If you've actually Googled this, check out this nifty guide on what your poop actually means.)

And there has to be someone else out there with this weird burning sensation.*

NBC / Via

*Where that burning sensation occurs is just between you and Google. And, OK, maybe also BuzzFeed. Because...

We want to know: What's the weirdest, most embarrassing body issue you've ever trusted to Dr. Google?

FOX / Via

We'll feature the best ones in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health article, so don't hold back.

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