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Tell Us About Your Actually Helpful Sex Tips

Share your sex etiquette with the world.

Chances are you've heard or read some questionable sex tips in the past.

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But what sounds good in theory just doesn't

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So we're turning it over to you. What sex advice do you actually suggest?

What are some real, legitimate tips and lessons all sex-havers need to hear?

Maybe you have a certain technique that you swear by.

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5/5 would bang this way again.

Maybe it's a sexual lesson that lots of people would actually benefit from.

Or maybe it's just a piece of sex advice that you wish someone would have told you sooner.

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Like that not having an orgasm is completely fine. Or that sometimes your genitals just won't want to cooperate and that's OK. Or that your kink or fantasy really isn't that weird — really.

So tell us all your super helpful sex tips and your time-tested sexual wisdom.