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How Do You Make Oral Sex More Awesome?

If something works for you, share it with the class.

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Some would argue that oral sex is like pizza — even when it's bad it's pretty good. But there's definitely a difference between good head and 10/10 would-tell-your-friends-about-it head.

Plus, mouth-to-genitals action just seems a little bit higher stakes than other types of sex. So you want to make sure everyone is really excited to there and enjoying themselves.

We want to know: What makes oral sex really crazy good — whether you're on the giving or receiving end?

(And that's important because when it comes to giving head, all parties involved should be having a great time.)


So tell us: What are your best tips for enjoying oral sex even more? / Via

Whether it's something you do while you're giving or receiving — or something a partner has done that is worth writing home (and to BuzzFeed) about, we want to hear it.

Drop it in the comments and your advice might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post!