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What Do You Wish You'd Known About Breast Cancer Before Being Diagnosed?

Tell us what no one talks about — but should — when it comes to living with, surviving, and battling breast cancer.

Most of us are familiar with the breast cancer facts.

And we all see the pink products raising awareness and funds to find a cure.

But regardless of what you've heard or seen, nothing can prepare you for a breast cancer diagnosis.

Tell us: What do you wish you had known before you were diagnosed? What do you wish people talked about when they talked about breast cancer?

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We want to share your stories and your voice — whether you've just been diagnosed or you've been cancer-free for years.

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Maybe you wish you'd known that breast cancer can happen to anyone — even if not a single person in your family has a history of it.

Or maybe you wish people knew that chemo comes with a whole lot more side effects than just hair loss.

Airman Magazine / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: airmanmagazine

Or maybe you'd like more people to know that men could get breast cancer, too.

Tell us: What do you wish people knew about having breast cancer?

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