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What's The Most Embarrassing Sex Thing You've Ever Googled?

Let's get weird.

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Sometimes those weird body questions and random sex issues are just easier to ask Google than another human.

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Even though you know the chances of finding ridiculously inaccurate or worst-case-scenario information is way more likely than getting legit, helpful advice. Still, you'd rather use the internet as a quick sounding board than ask your friend or doctor.

Or maybe you had a safe sex question that needed urgent attention, like "Can you get pregnant from anal sex HELP."

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It's worth noting obviously that you shouldn't rely on random Google search results for medical advice. So, yeah, grain of salt.


So tell us: What's the most ridiculous, random, or embarrassing sex question you've ever Googled?

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Drop it in the comments and your answer could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

And seriously — consider this a safe space. There's no shame in whatever super-specific questions are hiding in your browser history. We want to hear about it — and we might even answer a few with the help of some medical experts. So really, don't hold back.

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