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    11 Roommates Who Suck And 11 Who Suck Less

    Best friend or sworn enemy there is no in between.

    1. This roommate is definitely a villain:

    I think I gave my roommate @assistantdragon a heart attack today! #sorry #aprilfools #spider #prank

    While this one is a straight-up superhero:

    How my roommate catches spiders .. She saved all our lives!! @vallycatz

    2. This roommate who is in the mood for games:

    R0sc0E / Via

    "Hello I want to play a game....two out of three water gallons have LAXATIVE mixed in it....Will you die of thirst or will you face your fear and destroy your asshole. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!"

    While this one would never play games with your health:

    AlexIsMovingOut / Via Twitter: @AlexIsMovingOut

    3. This roommate's cruel birthday trick:

    sneakycastro75 / Via

    While this roommate gave a thoughtful birthday treat:

    dkismysun / Via Twitter: @dkismysun

    4. These roommates who have no respect:

    dferbs / Via

    While this girl clearly respects her roommate's genius:

    my roommate has the entire bee movie script saved on her phone, and she just texts it to guys whenever she wants them to leave her alone. girl deserves a nobel prize or something

    5. This surprise that guarantees nightmares for a week:

    IntellectumValdeAmat / Via

    While this sweet surprise is sure to bring smiles:

    Woke up and found this taped to my mirror, how did I get so lucky!? #bestroomate 💕

    6. This monster who would have you die of thirst:

    While this considerate roommate has your hydration on lock:

    told @kenzie_coco I failed my midterm, then came home to this #bestroommate 🏆

    airhrs / Via Twitter: @airhrs

    7. This roommate is out here to thwart your love:

    Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

    While this roommate will help you with anything to make your love life a reality:


    8. This roommate lets their money do the talking:

    metallic_ark / Via

    While this generous roommate uses their money kindly:

    Wow. Speechless. I don't deserve a roommate like her 😫. I am blessed & rich. 🤑

    9. This roommate who needs to get a little space:

    y’all... i’m not even tryna be funny but look at my fckn roommate... ARE YOU DUMB?!

    While this roommate makes every space a better place:

    I love Valentine's day way too much. Since I don't have someone to spoil this year, I got personalized gifts & some roses for my roommates because I love love and they deserve the world❤️

    Instagram: @from_under_the_baobab

    10. This roommate who is an account leech:

    DMJreports / Via Twitter: @DMJreports

    While this roommate is up for supporting all TV addictions:

    Me: Mackenna, are you tired? Ken: No Me: wanna watch another episode of glee? Ken: it's 1A.M Mo Me: and? Ken: what episode should we watch? #bestroomate

    11. And finally, this roommate who makes a mess of everything:

    roommatefails / Via Instagram: @roommatefails

    While this roommate will always keep it clean:

    (510): I've got a tequila scented hand sanitizer for you. (845): you're the best roommate i could ever have.

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