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These Cookie Decorating Videos Are So Mesmerizing It's Insane

Is this really cookie decorating or magic?

Amber Spiegel, otherwise known as SweetAmbs, is a cookie decorator whose videos are so stinkin' MESMERIZING.

She can — and has — made about every design under the sun, including this enchanting unicorn. And the video will soothe your soul:

Let out a calming sigh as you watch these delightful mini doughnuts being perfected:

These sunflowers look good enough to be in a bouquet, and watching them as they're created will calm you the hell down:

Waffles that you can have for lunch AND dinner.

These pretty-in-pink flamingos.

These spot-on Minions.

This Day of the Dead skull that will impress the HECK out of you:

Our favorite emojis:

And this galaxy cookie, which might be too pretty to eat, tbh...

You can stay sweet by following her and her gorgeous creations at SweetAmbs on Instagram!

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