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The New Sensation Sweepin' The Nation - The PokéSelfie

Step aside duck face and get ready for Psyduck face!

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Nothing says you are a Pokémaster like a Pokéselfie!

They can really up your posing game.

Although sometimes things can get a little awkward...

Always make sure your outfit is Pokémon approved.

My Po Po Poké face my Po Poké Face (mon mon mon mon)

Looks like somebody skipped leg day.

What's that saying about two birds in the hand?

Um some privacy please?!

Ready, Set, POKÉMONGO!!!!

Excuse me miss, can I pet your dog?

There's something shady going on here.

The best of friends.

He's right behind me isn't he?

Excuse me, you seem to have a little something on your nose.

Don't be afraid it's just a giant Rat....oh wait nevermind RUN!!

It's always nice to have a gym buddy.

You can even show how much you love your 'mon with the appropriate filter!

The perfect little pocket monster.

No the chair doesn't have bedbugs I promise...

Just your casual night out.

Even celebrities are getting in on the action!

Let me tell you about my best friend.

I don't think so...

You can get your pets in on the fun too!!

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